Choosing a Career in Film Production

A career with a film production company is something that many dream about but very few accomplish. The reasons are numerous – some lack the talent, some lack the experience, while others simply lack the knowledge that is needed to succeed in this domain. Let’s see what you’ll need to consider when you choose a film school (and the same you can apply for a film production company).

The Location
Yes, this is the first thing that you’ll have to consider when choosing a school for learning more about film productions. There are several locations that can offer you a great school, and you can choose between Hollywood, New York, Vancouver or even Jerusalem – the last one offers you a great opportunity to learn directly from the company that creates comedies and other films.

The Strengths
Every school that can teach you about how to make a film has different strengths, but you need to know which one is right for you. You might want to follow different paths, like directing or screenwriting, so you’ll need to know what is the thing that they offer best. You could also choose one that has well-rounded curricula in all the domains, like producing, directing, writing or editing.

The Connections
You’ll need to choose a school that offers you collaboration directly with a film producing company. You can’t learn all those things by just studying a book or taking a course, so practice is essential. Depending on where you’ll take your courses, you’ll also need to ask about what film production company will support you during the needed time with the camera.

Outside Classes
Inside is not enough for learning the secrets of making a film, so make sure you also get to take outside classes – it can teach you a lot about how to hold the camera, watch out for the light and direct all the other aspects of an outside image.

Internships and Career Service Programs
A good film production company will have its own film school, so you have several choices when it comes to this. They should offer you the possibility to get a job, but while you’re in school you’d have access to internship programs and a few good contacts that could help you once you finish it.

The last thing that you’ll have to consider is to know which famous stars went there or, if you follow a certain film production company, get to know who worked with them. It’s a small detail but it can be very important when you make your decision.