Film Production Business Insurance Packages Offered

Running a film production business is not considered to be an easy task at all. While it might seem important and glamorous from the outside, it would be intensely stressful and grueling from the inside. This is because your company would be responsible for producing a film that would appeal to the masses. In addition to having a fantastic and mind-blowing script, you would also have to make sure that the other components would go well together. This is because if everything could not be coordinated together, there is no way that you would be able to emerge successfully.

Also, when it would come to making a movie, a significant amount of investment would be required as well. This might be one of the core reasons why so much pressure would go over the company. This is because if their project tanks, not only would they find it extremely difficult to recover that money, but it might also deter them from investing in the future.

Where filmmaking is concerned, there might be other hazards which might exist. It would be because of this reason that film production cover seems to exist. With the best online insurance brokers in Ireland, the filmmakers, producers, production crew, and film crew, and all the filming locations would be protected from liability claims.

Best policy for businesses

In the case of making a documentary, feature film, advertisement, TV series, or even a music video, you would be well aware of the fact that there would be so many things that could go wrong. This would be something which would be hanging over your head day after day. It would be because of this reason that Film Producer’s Indemnity Cover would be one of the first things that producers would think about putting into place before they would begin shooting. In this way, the producers would be able to bear the bulk of responsibility for a project. Even if something would choose to go wrong, there would be financial, legal, and sometimes even criminal consequences. All these would be something which would have to be borne by the producer personally. It would be because of this reason that it would be highly recommended that producers would get this type of cover done first and then out of the way. After that, they would be able to get their peace of mind to some extent, knowing that their damages would be covered. The good thing is that this insurance cover seems to be so vast, almost everything would be included in it. This would include production equipment and sets, props, costumes, vehicles, and even some of the shooting locations.

Just like no two production companies would be alike, the same thing could be said in the case of good production insurance companies as well. It would be because of this reason that you should make it a point to hire best online insurance brokers in Ireland. The reason they have managed to become some of the best in the business is that their policies would be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of their customers. However, all of the policies would be based on a few solid principles that would be designed to protect the producer from liability that would be related to any vehicle accident or injuries that would be sustained on the set, damage done to owned or rented equipment or vehicles, and also any copyright or libel infringement claims.

Short period and long period production insurance

In the case of short period production coverage, this would cover your production on a project by project basis. This has been found to be ideal for shooting music videos or advertisements. This is because these could be taken out for a cover of a single day. However, most of the people would be advised that they would be insured for pre-shoot and post-shoot days as well.

On the other hand, long period production insurance would be designed for in-depth documentaries or full-length feature film shoots. These would also be suitable for shoots that would be planned at intervals throughout the year. This would also seem to be a good idea if you would be producing a film on your own and would own your own equipment or would like to rent it out to other production companies.

Therefore, when it would come to choosing the kind of production insurance, this would be solely dependent on the kind of project that you would be working on. However, the surprising part is that the cost between the two seems to be quite minimal.

Services provided by best online insurance brokers in Ireland

How best online insurance brokers in Ireland quantify risk

In the case of insuring a production company, a lot of people might think that it would be the same as insuring a car. However, the reality is that motor insurance seems to be quite easy because you would know the worth of your vehicle. Conversely, assigning a value to a project would not be quite as easy. This is because several factors such as schedule, budget, script and call sheet would need to be taken in to account. Where completion of a project is concerned, the weather would also play a determining role.

Reasons to go for this option

  • Personalized service

Since a significant amount of time would be invested in building lasting relationships with clients, the extra effort would definitely be given. They would be quick to understand the business and personal requirements of their clients. This would help to create a strong proposition that would benefit both parties.

  • Tailored planning and individualized assessment of needs

Every commercial entity and individual seems to be different. In this way, it would be possible to assess the needs and requirements of each client so that dedicated solutions could then be provided for it.

  • A support team that would be fully dedicated

An entire team of experienced brokers would always be on hand so that it could be ensured that any sort of problems or concerns would be dealt efficiently.

  • All insurance solutions under one roof

Both short period and long period production cover policies would be offered, based on the kind of project you would be involved in.